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Jim’s Floors has been operating through Victoria since 2001.

All service bookings for Melbourne are taken out at Mooroolbark Call Centre, which is also the international headquarters for the Jim’s Group. We pride ourselves on our professional service and are quite keen to display and explain the choices of products available. Through this process we are confident that you the customer will be 100% satisfied with the product and services that Jim’s Floors can offer.


The trend of floorboards provide householders with a wide range of flooring finishes ranging from natural timbers, prefinished floor and floating floors along with 10-20 different timber colours.

The choices could be endless and with our expertise, we are able to assist with choosing the suitable product and system to achieve your desired finish.


As early in the picture as possible we would like to see our clients reach a position of “clarity of mind” about the type and style of floor they want in their house. This can become quite confusing and we advise that you speak with a franchisee about these issues.

Budgets and Styles

Often what you want and what you have a budget for are quite different, so it’s a good idea to get an early indication of what price range applies to different flooring methods.

Sometimes a telephone call is all you need to do in this respect. For us to assist you further, we would need to discuss your needs and provide a quote on the service.

paul sandles Jims Diggers

Paul Sandles [Divisional Manager]

Paul has always been a glass half full person and his journey to becoming a Jims Diggers Franchisor is just one example. Prior to joining Jim’s Diggers Paul worked as an IT consultant, the last 8 years with Hewlett Packard (HP). In 2012 HP announced significant worldwide job cuts at the same time IBM and other major IT companies were doing the same. “The push to offshore skills and services was becoming more and more apparent in the years leading up to 2012” says Paul. In 2013 Paul got the ‘tap on the shoulder’ from HP but saw this as an opportunity to completely change the direction of his life. After analysing a number of existing businesses as well as other franchise models Paul settled on Jim’s Diggers. “I looked at a lot of businesses and was looking for something that could not be done cheaper offshore or imported. It was also very important that I had something that gave me flexibility with when I worked so I could still spend half of the school holidays and every second weekend with my 2 beautiful daughters”. “I looked at a lot of good existing businesses but all were under pressure from either cheap imports or the service being done cheaper offshore”. As Paul tells everyone who asks the question ‘why Jim’s Diggers?’ Paul always says “They haven’t worked out how to import a hole in the ground and I’m not sure they ever will”…

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