Carpets are warm and welcoming. They feel soft beneath your feet, are comfortable to walk on and absorb sound so you don’t hear any echoes.

Available in neutral tones to bring a blank canvas to your room when you are selling your property, or they can make a statement with bold, bright colours and patterns. Choose a carpet that matches or complements your décor.

In years to come, you may want to redecorate. Think about whether the pink and grey swirl with green edging will match your décor in years to come. Perhaps the more neutral choice will be safer.

Carpets require regular vacuuming and need to be steam cleaned occasionally too.

Generally less expensive to purchase and install than wooden flooring, carpet doesn’t last as long as Wooden flooring. The life span of a carpet averages around 10 years, however the cheaper the carpet, the shorter the life – and the cheaper carpets are produced using synthetic products and can contain harsh chemicals. Deep pile carpets can trap and harbour pet hair, pollen and dust mites, so allergy sufferers should avoid them.

If your carpet becomes damaged, it will be difficult to repair and it would probably be less expensive to replace the whole carpet.

If carpet is your flooring of choice, why not contact the professionals at Jim’s Floors to get a measure and quote on laying it for you.